Course Content

ο  The course will address a number of critical issues experienced in the process of growing or turning around a company / bank, as follows:

ο  How to do a makeover of a company in order to unleash its investment grade value and growth from an undervalued company;

ο  How to implement a strategy in practice and the implementation issues of which a manager should be aware;

ο  Strategic failures and how not to do a strategy;

ο  Strategy re-definition;

ο  Business model re-configuration and repositioning from an old position to a new upgraded one;

ο  Balance sheet restructuring, capital structuring and multi-tiering to allow for different types of funding options and investors;

ο  Private equity as part of structured finance, itself as part of turning around a company to profits; the pros and cons of private equity;

ο  Marketing - client re-segmentation, precision targeting and micro-targeting particularly valid now in highly competitive environments and in a crisis - subsidiaries and branch reconfiguration to allow for a greater business size;

ο  Process re-design;

ο  Project management;

ο  Corporate Governance principles with onus on corporate governance for family owned companies, an issue specific to emerging markets and difficult to manage.


Both Growth and Turnaround corporate cases will be worked out in class as well as individual bank examples and corporate.


Modus Operandi: 40 hours of lecturing in a two weeks’ sandwich course:

Alternating one week of lecture with a week-end project

-          1st Week-end: Team Project

A restructuring corporate project of an SME. The class will be divided in two teams in competition. Each member of the team will be marked and observed for his/her contribution. In addition, those students with worthy ideas will be awarded and named for their contribution; A score will be given for the team performance, one for the team leader and his/her team leadership abilities

2nd week of lecturing- same method employed as above;

-          2nd and final Week-end: Final Team Project,

The revision of a current bank strategy:

A global bank highly present in emerging markets where shareholders have taken charge of the strategy and management in pursuit of de-risking the bank’s previous risk profile and shifting its strategic position with implications and impact on the shareholding structure, market focus, and even CSR.


Expected Outcomes

At the end of this course, the students are enabled to:

1. Think strategically, to consider all factors and to exercise their individual potential for having a ‘vision’, indispensible in strategy formulation and implementation;

2. Structure and formulate a strategy, be it for a corporate or a bank;

3. Understand and be able to manage the difference between growth and restructuring strategies;

4. Adapt a best practice strategy to emerging markets;

5. Understand the finer points of a strategy plan such as re-configuring a business model and strategically re-positioning a bank or a company;

6. The strategic implications of and impact on the balance sheet, capital, shareholders, Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

7. Create effective teams, exercise team leadership skills and communicate better a strategy;

8. Improve their personal presentation skills


Key Facts:


Participation fee: 

  • 400 euro/person for AmCham members
  • 500 euro/person for non-members

Location: Romanian American University, Bd. Expozitiei nr. 1B, Bucuresti

Duration: November 12-23, 2012.

The method: Inductive, from examples to principles. Dialogue, Participatory, Interactive


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